Frisa in the Vineyard

(Frisa is a kind of round crunchy bread usually seasoned with tomato and EVO oil)

With this experience guests are transported into a special, unique atmosphere, a real full immersion in the countryside of Salento delle Murge.

While experiencing the “Frisa in Vigna” route, you will be given the opportunity to walk through a sustainable table grape vineyard where biodiversity is the watchword. In such a typical and natural setting, participants will be able to pick tomatoes for preparing their own frisa and then taste it under the vineyard at sunset.

Duration: 2½ hours

Seasons: summer

Number of participants: max 25

Baby friendly

Pet policy: free

Tags: #salentodellemurge#

Transport: your own car


guided tour in the vineyard

tomato picking activity

a small bottle of extra virgin olive oil from the Frantoio Oleario Nastasia

a small pack of frise naturally leavened from the Pregiata Forneria Lenti

preparation and tasting of the frisa with freshly picked tomatoes and EVO

frise offered to each participant



6 p.m.: Meeting point in Grottaglie near Campus Campitelli

6.15 p.m.: Departure to the Blasi farmlands

6.30 p.m.: Arrival at the Blasi farm, producer of table grapes and olive oil.

The guided tour includes a walk to discover the natural elements of a rural and surprising landscape, getting lost among the rows of vines and the headlands, brushing against the vine leaves, deep in the intense scents of the ground and the vineyards.

During the visit, the agronomic techniques used for cultivation will be explained; it will be also possible to see the beds where worm compost is produced and the bee hives that the farm houses, in a context where biodiversity is not only protected but encouraged as well. A small natural oasis, where a diverse ecosystem is being recreated, also thanks to the presence of a small orchard and a vegetable garden.

After the visit, each participant will start picking up tomatoes that will be used to prepare his own frisa, this ancient type of bread with a genuine flavour (naturally leavened by the Pregiata Forneria di Emanuele Lenti), the result of 0 km raw materials, with excellent nutritional values.

The dish will be enjoyed under the vineyard , seasoned with extra virgin olive oil from the Frantoio Oleario Nastasia and other typical herbs.

The participants could bring at home the little EVO oil bottle and the remaining frise.


Not the usual itinerary, but a route based on pillars such as sustainability, ethics, participation and authenticity, inviting guests to think about the importance of choosing food considering its social and cultural value.


Salento delle Murge - Rete di Imprese aggiudicataria del progetto "N'CASAMU"

finanziato nell’ambito del PSR Puglia 2014/2020 "Misura 16 – Sottomisura 16.3.2 Creazione di nuove forme di cooperazione per lo sviluppo/la commercializzazione dei servizi turistici".