Corporate visual story telling

The Salento delle Murge network responds to the need to create a tourist area brand, a territorial identification and a tourist destination for a territory still unknown from a tourist perspective: Salento delle Murge.

The “Salento delle Murge” network brand is a visual storytelling based on emotional geo maieutics. The geographical elements of the reference territory are in fact considered in a metaphorical and allegorical key and, through them, the aim is to indicate the starting point of the path the network intends to undertake, trace the route and specify the objectives to be achieved.

Starting point (The past)

The departure point is represented by the 24 companies, belonging to the network, from different product sectors that operate in the reference territory.

In the logo, the companies are represented by the rocks, the little circles in the first box.

These companies are solid local realities, just like the rocks; each of them brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

They are in the open sea and each of them is carried by the waves, without a well-defined program of action and development.

Where to go (The present)

Companies decide to pool their experience and skills in order to achieve a common goal: the economic development of the area in terms of tourism.

This is represented by a river which conveys the experiences and skills of the companies. In the logo, the river is represented by the blue lines in the second box.

All together they embark on a path which isn’t easy: the companies have to get to know each other and integrate, trying to understand how to reach the common goal.

This path is symbolized by the hill, which becomes a metaphor for the sacrifices and challenges the companies face along the way. In the logo, the hills are represented by the green semicircles in the second box.

The path taken by the companies is also compared to an olive tree in the second box of the logo. The olive tree is a symbol of strength, rebirth and regeneration.

Where we want to go (The future)

At the end of the path, companies will operate in a coordinated way.

The end of the process is represented by the sun, which stands for the achievement of a balance.

The dry stone wall represents, then, the 24 companies that are no longer single rocks in the sea, but essential components that integrate and complement each other in the enhancement of human, artistic, rural, environmental and landscape resources of the territory.