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Azienda Agricola Dimaggio Elena

Company profile

Elena Di Maggio’s farm is an individual firm established in 2005.

Wine and olive growers and landowners for several generations, Azienda Agricola Elena Di Maggio’s family continues to produce high quality wine and extra virgin olive oil.

The quality and safety guarantee of the products comes from a direct management and follow up of the company on the entire production process: from the vineyard implantation to the treatments, from the cluster thinning to the manual harvesting, from the wine and extra virgin olive oil production to the bottling.

Elena Di Maggio’s lands are located in the heart of the Italian peninsula, where the combination of unique weather conditions and a rich and generous soil allow them to ripen, full of incomparable aromas and flavours. Production is inspired to the local tradition and follows organic regulations, focusing on quality rather than quantity in wine, sparkling wine and olive oil.

Economic sector


Vineyards and Olive groves


Salento delle Murge - Rete di Imprese aggiudicataria del progetto "N'CASAMU"

finanziato nell’ambito del PSR Puglia 2014/2020 "Misura 16 – Sottomisura 16.3.2 Creazione di nuove forme di cooperazione per lo sviluppo/la commercializzazione dei servizi turistici".