Our Vision

Our Vision

Respecting the emotional geo-maieutics principles, the Salento delle Murge brand is based on the concept of a story-telling as a metaphor for the elements of the territory.

In a journey starting in the past, the 24 companies are the rocks of the network; they meet and channel their experiences into a river that becomes a wealth of skills and professionalism, towards a common goal of development.

With perseverance and passion they become a hill and an olive tree, as a sign of rebirth and generation.

The future is a sun representing the balance between work and companies’ cooperation for the enhancement of the rural and artistic human potential of this land.

No more single rocks in the middle of the sea, but a dry stone wall, typical of Apulia, to show every single element connected to another. The result is strength and solidity of this sustainable and innovative tourist project for the growth and development of this sun-kissed land.

Salento delle Murge - Rete di Imprese aggiudicataria del progetto "N'CASAMU"

finanziato nell’ambito del PSR Puglia 2014/2020 "Misura 16 – Sottomisura 16.3.2 Creazione di nuove forme di cooperazione per lo sviluppo/la commercializzazione dei servizi turistici".