The Territory

The Territory

Set between Taranto and Brindisi, Salento delle Murge is the land separating the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, both border and link connecting Valle d’ Itria and Salento. It is one of the 11 sub-regions of Apulia.

Territory of ancient traditions and enchanting landscapes, it includes 34 municipalities between Brindisi and Taranto , the keepers of unique gastronomic and cultural heritage.

A middle ground easily reachable thanks to Brindisi international airport, road and rail links; an itinerary in the midst of nature, craftsmanship and rural atmospheres that reveal themselves little by little, enchanting the visitor in any season of the year.

A strip of land off the beaten track, extending from the innermost point of the Gulf of Taranto to Brindisi and from Torre Colimena to Torre San Gennaro. There you can find silent, verdant countryside alternating with stretches of wild coastline and protected oases ,where is easy to lose yourself in nature and archaeological sites, for a surprising and relaxing holiday.

A land with a history stretching back thousands of years, inhabited by genuine and hospitable people since ancient times, who have been able to preserve their traditions of craftsmanship, culture and flavours in a multitude of small towns to discover, different dialects and excellent gastronomy.

A land to be travelled through with its baroque palaces and churches, the rocky reliefs of the Murge and Gravine, trulli and dry-stone walls, festivals and illuminations, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets; in a tasteful itinerary of land and sea cuisine.

An unmissable stop for food lovers, Salento delle Murge is waiting for you!

Salento delle Murge - Rete di Imprese aggiudicataria del progetto "N'CASAMU"

finanziato nell’ambito del PSR Puglia 2014/2020 "Misura 16 – Sottomisura 16.3.2 Creazione di nuove forme di cooperazione per lo sviluppo/la commercializzazione dei servizi turistici".